El Dorado Youth Soccer League

Coaching Information
Coach Course Descriptions

Course are listed in sequential order (i.e. you must complete the 'F' certificate before pursuing an 'E' certificate, etc.). You may take the GK course at any time. The CYSA F course is a course designed to prepare you for the USSF National E course. For more information on the USSF National courses please visit thisUSSF website.

'CYSA F' Certificate course involves 9 hours of instruction (3 hours the first day, 6 hours the second day). Practice session and basic coaching techniques are covered. Coaches must bring at least 1 and not more than 3 youth GoalNo testing upon completion.

'USSF E' License course involves 18 hours of instruction (6 hours of classroom and 12 hours on the field). Basic tactics & intermediate coaching techniques are covered. You must be 16 years old to take this course. The CYSA F is a recommended prerequisite but not required. There is pre-course work for you to do before attending the first class. Download the USSF E Course Guidebook, and follow the instructions in this Instruction Sheet.

'National D' License course involves 36 hours of instruction. Advanced tactics & advanced coaching techniques are covered. Passing grade on test required upon completion. This is a national coach license program. You must have taken the USSF E or the CYSA E/D (now discontinued) to take this course.

'GK' Goalkeeping Certificate course involves 9 hours of instruction. Coaches are taught the basics of goalkeeping.