El Dorado Youth Soccer League

Referee Information

EDYSL is always looking for referees for our Club games. Refereeing is a great way to make a little extra money, get some exercise, and help the club. You have to be 12 years old and take the referee certification class. We especially need adult referees.

Returning Referee Information:
If you have not renewed your certification this year and received your new referee patch, please visit the renewal link at: http://www.cnra.net/register/renew-referee/. Remember, you must register every year. The renewal cost is $45.

Club Referee Contact Information:
Each of EDYSL's clubs has a referee coordinator. These coordinators are responsible for the organization, scheduling, and reimbursement of Club referees.

EDYSL Concussion Procedure and Protocol (March 2018):
*All Referees need to read and follow the new procedure and protocol.
EDYSL Concussion Procedure and Protocol March 2018.pdf

EDYSL Referee Hand Signal Information:
Please review this link by USSF: YouTube Referee Signals
If you are using any flag signals that is not in line with what is suggested in the above video, please stop using them. I am going to list several of these WRONG signals that are being used by some of you and hoping that we will bring consistency in what we are doing at the pitch.
At the substitution, I have seen MANY referees are snapping their flag several time to get the referee's attention. There is no reason for this technique as we have been instructing the Referee of the match to make eye-to-eye contact with his/her ARs at all stoppages/dead balls.
After a goal scored, I have seen both Referee and Assistant Referees using a hand signal very similar to "Advantage or Play on" (both arms brought waist high). Please STOP doing these sorts of signals, as it is not recognized by USSF or anyone else for that matter. Please review the video.
At substitution, the Assistant Referee holds the bottom of the flag with one hand while holding the grip of the flag with the other hand. While this technique may look pretty but again please stop and watch the video and follow what is recommended.
Rodger Snow
EDYSL Referee Coordinator
(530) 295-4943